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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistry, Mathematics) Programs


STEAM at Raven Hill

STEM + Artistry = STEAM!

Raven Hill offers a wide variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistry, Mathematics) programs. These can be designed for any age of student from Preschool through High School with subject matter and presentations geared to the specific group.

Groups can schedule programs to work on topics of their choice, including but not limited to astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics and more to fit needs. Click on a program title below for a downloadable PDF flier.

  • Great Engineering Adventures in Robotics for Unlimited Potential

  • Science Mathematics And Related Technologies

  • Other Programs Available include

    Ancient Techniques & Technologies
    Bridging the GAPS (Girls And Physical Science) *Also available for Guys or Groups
    Made Possible by the Sun - Exploring Solar Energy
    Recycle 2 - How Nature and Man Recycle
    Spin Off - Products Invented for the Space Program