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Everyone is considered a kid at Raven Hill, so admission is the same for everyone--$10 per person. Of course, we like to say that you can pay $15, if you really want to be a "grownup"!! Babies (one year or less) that stay in strollers and backpacks are free. Everyone else pays the $10 for an average visit of 2 to 3 hours, which includes the hands-on museum, exotic animals and the outdoor exhibits. Some families like to come and just explore outdoors. The admission for "outside only" is $5 per person. At this time, masking indoors is required. 

Reservations are not required, but know that you might be given a return time and asked to explore outdoors first before coming inside, if there are too many visitors indoors during these days of COVID-19. For more information, call 231.536.3369. 



Memberships include FREE admission to the museum for one year (2020 memberships good for 2021 due to COVID-19), subscription to our news letter, plus discounts for classes, camps and workshops, as well as in the gift shop. See Become a Member for more information.


Cancelled due to COVID-19. Usually, FREE (Families Reaching for Educational Excellence) Second Saturdays run the second Saturday of every month from noon to 4 PM with free admission for families. We hope that FREE SECOND SATURDAYS will return in 2022, if the pandemic ends and IF we can find sponsors. 

Questions about admission? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or call us at 231.536.3369.