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Class for ALL AGES in Science, History and Art


Classes in science, art and history for all ages are available in person or online.

Schedule your own date, time and class by calling 231.536.3369 or emailing


Summer Classes for Kids OR Summer FUN for Kids

Design your own class--time and topic!

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.” That being said, Raven Hill is excited to announce a return to past years with Summer Classes for Kids. Classes will replace Discovery Camps, allowing staff and volunteers to teach and participating kids to focus on a specific subject area, like Science Magic, Pioneer Living or Fiber Arts. Of course, there will be some time at the beginning and end of each class to see the animals and play in the Discovery Room, but the majority of each session will focus on a given area of study.

Classes will be informal and active. Three different classes—one each of science, history and art—will be taught in the morning and a different three sessions will be scheduled for the afternoon. Kids can attend morning classes, afternoon classes or both. They will choose their focus and explore a variety of hands-on lessons on a particular topic over the course of four days—Monday through Thursday. There must be a minimum of five (5) registrations per class or that class will be canceled. However, with parent approval of a session change, classes may be merged to reach the minimum number. Those choosing to take morning and afternoon classes, may bring their lunches and stay for a half hour supervised break. Suggested ages are 5 to 14 and activities will be age-appropriate for those signed up in a class. Call 231.536.3369 or email for more information or if you have any questions. A flyer is attached to this email with a list of classes and a registration form. This is the summer to learn, create, grow and play during Raven Hill’s Summer Classes .or Kids

Enjoy the full benefits of fun and educational activities for children and adults. Choose from activities to fit your interests or put together a custom hands-on class or classes to meet individual needs, regardless of age. Classes for children and adults are available any time by appointment year-round.

Call 231.536.3369 or email to book a specific class (by appointment and dependent on availibility) to fit your interests and choose a day and time to fit your individual schedule, including:  Art process workshops that link art with science principles and history; various craft workshops; and many more!  Classes can be designed to meet the criteria for badges for boy and girl scouts.

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