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Interested in Raven Hill coming to your school, library, camp, or group for a presentation?

The Charlevoix County Community Foundation and the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation awarded grants to Raven Hill for an Outreach program into Emmet and Charlevoix County schools during 2018. The program was called Visions and it invited art students to use their talents and imaginations to envision the past and imagine the future. Raven Hill Discovery Center’s Evolving Technology Building houses many unique technology timelines from the Stone Age to the present. The building has two exhibit areas, one at each end of the building now filled with visions of our prehistory and our future. What better group to envision the past and imagine the future than students. An invitation was extended to Charlevoix and Emmet County art students to complete a piece of art in any chosen art medium to represent their vision of our close prehistory (Cretaceous Period or newer) OR our future, as they foresee it may be. The program included visits to the classroom by Raven Hill staff to introduce the project, brainstorm possible research & ideas and to further develop student ideas & projects. All student art is now on display in the ET Building. Check out the student artwork by clicking "Visions Project" below.

Special outreach presentations at your site are available to classes, teachers, libraries, clubs, reunions, day cares and other organizations. Hands-on sessions for children and adults are available in the areas of science, history, or the arts. The school or group chooses the hands-on sicience, history or art discovery, as well as the time of day (daytime or evening) and the date (subject to availability).  Make the time educational & fun!

Programs cost $600 per day, $400 per half day, or $125 per hour plus mileage. Limited matching funds are available. Please call for information.  

Teachers or leaders choose the activity they want, then they watch, participate & learn integrated activities to fit their curriculum. Activities can be designed to introduce, reinforce or review topics including Common Core State Standards (CCSS), grade level objectives, life skills, or scout badge objectives. Kids and adults benefit. Schools can design a travel schedule for Raven Hill to visit five or six classrooms in a day. Raven Hill Staff travel from classroom to classroom with hands-on presentations. NO school assemblies.  

Click on each topic for more information about the outreach program topic. 


Programs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Connections

    Science, history and art lessons are hands-on and right in the classroom with kids.

  • Raven Hill Discovery Center offers a wide variety of Classroom Assemblies designed for any age of student from Preschool through High School with subject matter & presentations geared to the specific group. Click on the title to download PDF Classroom Assemblies flier.

  • Animals To Go

    Everyone’s favorite. Opportunities are provided to learn about & pet or hold exotic animals, including snakes, lizards, spiders, birds and mammals. Observation and comparison skills are emphasized.

  • Hands-on Science “exhibits” of motion, light, sound, machines, magnetism, life science and other areas of interest are set up and art and history connections are made as a classroom or library is turned into a hands-on museum for exploration. Museum To Go is geared for any age with developmentally appropriate activities from preschool through adult. Click title for a PDF Museum To Go flyer.

  • Art To Go

    Art exhibits and hands-on activities can travel to a variety of sites to promote the ties between art and history and science through informal educational opportunities.

  • Field Trips To Go brings Raven Hill Discovery Center Exhibits & hands-on activities to your site! This can be designed for any type of school or group including scouts, birthdays, reunions, clubs or other organizations. Click title for a PDF Field Trip To Go flyer

  • Under Michigan

    Under Michigan leads participants on an exciting trip through geologic time from the beginnings of our Earth through the ice ages and beyond. Participants explore the rocks and minerals of Earth and the fossils of the plants and animals that once lived here. Each person receives small rock and fossil samples from “under Michigan” to keep.

  • Click on the STEM & STEAM link on the left menu for more information about these specific programs.

  • History Alive!

    Hands-on history activities are brought on site from a variety of time periods, such as pioneer, civil war, middle ages, ancient civilizations with science and art links.

  • You are invited to visit the ET Building to see all of the quality art that is on display. Art students from Charlevoix and Emmet counties showed their talent and imagination as they envisioned the past and imagined the future as a part of the Vision Project grant awarded by the Charlevoix County and Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundations. Check out all the awesome art by our local student artists!

Raven Hill Discovery Center is a regional science and technology center. It is located on 166 acres in a rural area of northwestern Lower Michigan adjacent to Little Traverse Conservancy’s Raven Ridge Nature Preserve. It is also a cultural, historical and art center. The overall goal of the Center is to provide a place that enhances lifelong learning for all ages by connecting science, history and art. Since 1992, Raven Hill Discovery Center annually has over 9000 visitors experience science and technology, history and the arts through hands-on exhibits and displays. Programs include school field trips, scout activities, summer day camp, adult enrichment classes, family days and professional development for teachers. The museum is also open to the public. In addition, there are thousands of contact hours with teachers and students in area classrooms, libraries, and kids’ clubs each year through the Center’s Outreach Program. Raven Hill is unique in northern Michigan. It draws regularly from a twelve-county area during the school year and from across the United States and the world during the summer tourist season. The Center is open year-round to the public, individuals, groups, and organizations.

Check out these short videos provided by the schools, demonstrating outreach activities with Raven Hill