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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer. Currently due to COVID-19, the volunteer program is suspended. Keep in touch and we'll look forward to welcoming you once the current COVID-19 pandemic has passed. Raven Hill is a place where committed staff and volunteers, enthusiastically working together, offer a unique educational experience connecting science, history and art for all of our guests.  

There are a wide variety of opportunities to help as a volunteer at Raven Hill. Whether you like to work at home or on site, inside or outside, with children or not, a lot or a little, we have a need for you!

We host special volunteer workdays once a month, and other special project days as needed. The Workday Group meets the first Monday, while our Futures group meets at varied times. Volunteers may also work on a set day and time to help at Raven Hill, help from home, or chose to help with a special project. Raven Hill always has what we refer to as our “Fridge List” posted, which is a list things that volunteers can help us accomplish. If the workdays are not convenient for you, please feel free to contact staff to see about coming in to help at a more convenient time. We are often looking for people with specific interests or experience to help us with special events and exhibits. Project needs vary, so that you can find activities that best suit your talents! 

Volunteer Interest
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    Support from operational grant award
  • Support from operation grant award
    Support from operation grant award