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Ancient World

Ancient World

Explore the ANCIENT WORLD, a 30 acre field that is rapidly filling with things that most people just read about in textbooks. Use your imagination as you explore four major world cultures: American, European, African, Asian, Oceana, and Early Man. Scoop water with a shaduf and help irrigate the raised crop beds. Climb to the top of the Olmec Mound, play Mayan ball, walk the sweet track, go up the steps on the Egyptian pyramid, sit on the Sphinx, rake a pattern in the Zen garden, stroll through the blue stones of Stonehenge, figure out what time it is using the obelisk, bring your camera and take your picture by the Easter Island head, build a cairn in the cairn field, play house at Skarra Brae, the stone house replica from the Orkney Islands, and if you are lucky, you might be able to watch a college class firing pottery in the primitive kilns or planishing copper bowls at the working factory site.