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Watercolor Class of 2018


Watercolor workshop with professional artist and teacher Luke Buck
June 27th and 28th of 2019
10 am to 3 pm both days
Please call 231.536.3369 or email, if you have questions or would like to register for this workshop.

Cost: $275 for 2 days. Lunch is included.

This Luke Buck watercolor workshop is based mainly in the use and control with "transparent watercolor", but students will also learn there are many advantages in the technique of watercolor painting by blending transparent watercolor with "gouache", (opaque watercolor), and on some special occasions, it's even more advantageous to use some acrylic with the blend.  It would be a fair description to refer to this technique as "Water Media" painting since more than one water based paint may be used.  This technique opens many doors of possibilities and expands your creativity in all of your favorite painting subjects, even plein-aire painting.    

Luke's workshop is designed for the novice beginner, intermediate, or the more advanced & accomplished watercolor artist.  As always, this informal workshop will be a motivational, creative and inspirational session with enjoyment and camaraderie among friends and fellow artists.  Luke Buck, a native "Hoosier", grew up and studied art in Indiana. His nostalgic paintings of Americana landscapes and American wildlife show a love for life, art, and nature. Many “locals” here in northern Michigan appreciate his talents and enjoy collecting his paintings.