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Below are a few comments about the visitor experience at Raven Hill Discovery Center. Enjoy them, as we have! Click on Quotes & Reviews at the bottom of the page to download all the recent Quotes & Reviews.

Casey Cook                May 26, 2022

Our family had a blast at the discovery center! I called on a weekday in their off season and they let us come with a private appointment! Hailey showed us around the hands on museum part and let our 3-year-old daughter hold a lizard and two snakes. Hailey was wonderful and very knowledgeable. We couldn’t believe how much there was to do there and it kept our daughter’s attention span (that’s saying something for a 3-year-old!). It was the perfect rainy day activity. It stopped raining so we were able to explore the outdoors too. We spent 3 hours there! Our daughter loved the one room school house and tree house. I highly recommend this for families! We are so happy we discovered the discovery center!!



April Davidson                       May 26, 2022

Thank you so much for having us visit Raven Hill Discovery Center yesterday!  We all had so much fun!  Some of our favorite things were the trails, getting to hold the snake and bearded dragon, and the museum.  A lot of us are planning on visiting again this summer with our families.

Thank you again! 

Second grade

John R. Rodger Elementary School

Bellaire, MI 49615



Jacob Tasiemski    May 14, 2022

Incredible and almost overwhelming how much they have there at Raven Hill. It was far beyond what I was given to expect, when I first checked it out. Won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s definitely 10/10. A must go to!



Mrs. Kristina Ruckman & Ms. Grace Carwile            May 6, 2022

Thank you so much for the wonderful learning experience at Raven Hill. Our kiddos had THE BEST DAY! At Raven Hill Discovery Center, 2nd and 3rd graders got to experience the science and history of the world around us! We made connections to our classroom learning of animals and ecosystems, as we held snakes and lizards and explored the wetlands boardwalk.  After a time-traveling hike to the Ancient World, we climbed the great pyramid of Giza, ran into the sphinx, and visited the Easter Island head. There is something new to explore, connect to, and learn at every turn! Raven Hill brought science and history to life for our students with a fun-filled and engaging day!



Sarah Crawford          May 12, 2021

I wanted to reach out to say thank you for another wonderful visit!  Our family has made it an annual tradition to come to the Raven Hill Discovery Center despite the 4 hour drive it takes to get there.  My children especially love the hands on experience with animals and roaming your beautiful property all the while showing me new "discoveries" leading to conversations and more questions, which happens to be my favorite part! :) This year I have been homeschooling my 3 young children and I was so grateful to see that you were open and that you were taking such precautions during the time of Covid.   I believe you are an invaluable resource to your community and I am grateful that we can continue to support your endeavors!

Best Wishes,

Sarah Crawford


Melinda Study            October 5, 2020

My family thanks you very much for the wonderful tour today. You were so gracious to give us a private tour and spend time answering our questions and inspiring us.  We spoke of nothing else but Raven Hill at dinner tonight. Comments were made about science, creativity, family heritage, collecting, work, dedication, ideas, beauty, etc.  My dad said that you and your (late) husband are passionate about science, my mom's favorite was the snake skin room, my sister was amazed by your rock wall and will be attempting her own wall with her rock collection, my son liked the Egyptian glass display and the display cases of different crafts. It was a beautiful day and I can't thank you enough.  --Melinda


Facebook comments on Informal Learning Opportunities

·        Comments from teachers & parents, include: "You've got the best ideas!" and “Thank you for your great posts lately. I love sharing them with our students" and “Thanks for teaching us something even when Raven Hill is closed”.

·        Love your daily posts. I share them. A best friend in KC, who is a 2nd grade teacher, has been sharing from me.  She keeps getting comments from her local friends saying " how do you know about Raven Hill?, I've been there!"  Small world. Thanks for your passion!!  Amy Gillard

·        5.26.2020  Cheri – thank you so much for your daily posts on Facebook. I have been sharing them on my feed and friends, from far and near, have let me know they are sharing the posts as well. The posts have especially been a treat for educators and those who are now actively involved with at home learning. Many are including your activities in their daily schedules!  Thanks for reminding us that science, history and the arts are everywhere! 


Schoolhouse comments on weekly update article               January 17, 2021

·        The schoolhouse is one of my favorites for sure! Thank for sharing this, Cheri!--Anne

·        Great reminiscing about the school house. I’m sure it evokes many memories for your visitors. School was a different animal way back then. It’s a great addition to the many other features of Raven Hill. Stay well, Joel

·        I was thinking of ’schools’ in many areas where the interest in education is so strong they people meet without any walls at all - but I agree that a school is a vehicle for ’tomorrow’ and hope that the tomorrow will be better and positive.--Nancy

·        Great painting of the schoolhouse!--Tom

·       Love the idea of a school ..."with tomorrow inside".-- Janis Dietrich

·        I  L❤️VE the School House!—Darrell


Christina Cornwall 

I happened upon the RHDC while vacationing in the area…and what a happy accident! My 2 and 4 year old children absolutely love this place, and even the 5 month old was looking around at all the fun things. Kyra spent a great deal of time showing my children the animals and answering all their questions. We enjoyed the discovery room and could have spent hours in there! We hiked the Jurassic trail and explored the schoolhouse and rang the bell. The treehouse was an extra bonus. We would frequent this place regularly, if we lived closer.



Terrific hands-on exhibits. Kind, knowledgeable and helpful docent. Our grandkids (ages 5 and 2) had a fabulous time. Our son-in-law, a special ed teacher, came away with great lesson-plan ideas. G’pa and G’ma seemed to see new neural pathways forming in little minds as they watched the kids play. We all had loads of fun. Thank you for the time, effort and thoughtfulness that continues to go into this wonderful place.


Bob M

My adult blind son (19) and my dad went here on a rainy day and it was a fantastic experience! Outside there was a 'Jurassic walk'. That had examples of fossils and minerals to touch. After that there was a one room schoolhouse to explore. Then we hit the music garden that had about a half dozen unique instruments that could be played to your hearts content. Then we hit up the inside where everything was touchable. He got to feel skulls and pelts of various animals, feel a display of the different organs and where they are inside your body. There were more instruments to play as well as a several games/challenges to attempt. The owner was very welcoming and brought out some items just so my son could check them out. We then went into the reptile room where he got to hold a corn snake, gecko, and bearded dragon. With lots of information given during the presentation also. He was also able to touch several turtles/tortoises. The only negatives are the long hilly dirt road to get to the Center was a little nerve wracking for people used to the flat Indiana landscape. Also don't expect a polished and state of the art exhibits. It is not dirty or unkempt but has a 'lived in, well loved' kind of vibe. All in all, this is a hidden treasure for anyone looking for a one of a kind hands on experience. The staff is very friendly and will do their best to answer your questions.


Nathan Keith

I give this a rating of 5 is based on responses from my 7 year old grandson. Small time science center that had the warmth and charm that the big city science center wishes that it could achieve. Live reptiles and turtles, the let the children hold snakes and lizards. They have hands on science that engages the children and a nice nature walk exhibit with an old school house and a treehouse


Amber Sheldon 

Awesome place, lots to do and see! Will definitely be going back and I highly recommend!

Timothy Peterson  

Quirky mix of things, but worth finding it off the beaten path

Sidney Elyse   

This place was so cool and the staff was so helpful and friendly! There's such a variety of things to do here. It was a great way to spend our day!


Samantha Mumaw  

I went here with my best friends during my bachelorette/bachelor party. What an amazing time! We played, learned and ... More


Beth Robinson

I went there with my almost 13 year old daughter while we were camping nearby. We were both absolutely enchanted and engaged. Lots of fun, hands on stuff to do and the property and everything on it is magical.


Outreach Programs

Charity Huff   

My preschooler came home very excited to show me something she learned at school.  She proceeded to pull two plastic cups from her backpack and tell me that she made a big wheel.  Scanning the living room, she selected two items to help her build a ramp.  She stuck the cups together, placed a piece of red tape on the floor as a destination line, and began experimenting what would happen to her big wheel as the ramp inclined or declined.  My husband and I found great pleasure in seeing our daughter excited about sharing the science she had learned from you.  As the days and weeks have passed, the big wheel has been placed in a safe spot where Erin still pulls it out and experiments with it to see how far she can send it and at what speed.  I have caught her teaching it to her dolls. 

As parents, we cannot thank you enough for exposing our daughter to the wonderful world of exploration and science.  It is intriguing to watch her as she discovers answers to her questions on her own.  We are hopeful that you will be able to visit her classroom again to help fulfill her hunger for knowledge and her sense of wonder.  

Thank you,

The Proud Parents of Erin Patten- Brian and Charity Patten

Here’s a link to a YouTube video of Erin playing with ramps.


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