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Preserving the Past for the Future

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Charlevoix County History Preservation Society at Raven Hill

About Us

The Charlevoix County History Preservation Society (CCHPS) at Raven Hill promotes the understanding and appreciation of the heritage of the people of Charlevoix County and its townships by searching out, collecting, preserving, and interpreting artifacts of historical and cultural significance.


Anyone interested in preserving the history of Charlevoix County is invited to join the Society through a membership to Raven Hill Discovery Center. Joining CCHPS is automatic when purchasing a membership to the Center!



Our History

Founded in 2004, CCHPS was incorporated in 2005 as a Michigan non-profit directorship.  The Articles of Incorporation were amended on April 10, 2009 to change the organization from a directorship to membership-based corporation. 

In 2014, CCHPS started the process with Raven Hill Discovery Center to merge and become CCHPS at Raven Hill. After required approval through a membership vote and a positive vote by Raven Hill’s Board of Directors, CCHPS at Raven Hill became official in early 2015, allowing the organizations to share administrative services, including Raven Hill’s non-profit status. CCHPS will continue to provide innovative historical programming throughout Charlevoix County while working out of their office at Raven Hill Discovery Center. CCHPS will continue to write their own informative bulletin which will be the center insert in Raven Hill’s quarterly newsletter. It is a wonderful match with Charlevoix County History Preservation Society’s ability to add historical expertise to all things at the Center. 


As an added bonus, a membership to Raven Hill Discovery Center gives you automatic membership to CCHPS at Raven Hill. CCHPS at Raven Hill will also have a CCHPS Bulletin as an insert into the quarterly Raven Hill Newsletters.

Photograph of Cram-Whitford Sawmill in Undine courtesy of the Charlevoix Historical Society.

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